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An invitation to music festivals

If you are a festival organiser, an artist, a festival goer, a public authority... this guidebook is for you!

We are at an exciting moment in time. Humankind faces an unprecedented challenge to repair and sustain social and ecological systems. As more and more people wake up to this, increasing pressure is put on all aspects of society to become more sustainable. Music festivals are in a unique position to respond to this need.

By moving your festival toward sustainability, you will:
  • Gain competitive advantage in the market, aligning with artists and partners that want to support sustainability;
  • Develop an enhanced reputation as a visible leader in the shift toward the new, sustainable society;
  • Save money over the long term; and
  • Be part of one of the most important activities on earth – the movement to a sustainable society.

  • This guidebook is not intended to be exhaustive. If you are interested in knowing more, engaging in brainstorming sessions and workshops to make your festival more sustainable please contact us >>>

    You can also download the thesis during which the guidebook was developed.